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Master list of Fics
Writing "Master List" makes me want to steeple my fingers together like Mr Burns. Anyway. Here is a list of all my fics, for browsing easity.

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FIC: Guy Love (PG, A-Team movie, Face & Murdock)
OH HELLO AGAIN! So apparently my A-Team muse is back. Here is a new story.

Title: Guy Love
Rating: PG
Random: A-Team movieverse
Genre: Friendship, humour
Warnings: Mild language
Summary: Face hated Murdock when he first met him, and then he didn't hate him anymore. This is a snippet of the in-between.

Guy LoveCollapse )

Internet in real life!!!
I met stackcats! Now I'm posting about it on the Internet because that's how I roll. She is nice and friendly and very very pretty! This is my face right now:

If you ask her, she will confirm that that is exactly how my face looks in real life.


Wazzzzzuuuuup? After a self-induced fandom hiatus, I am back with a vengeance, I'm interesting, the best thing since wrestling, infesting in your kids' ears and nesting.

Wait, that's not me. That's Marshall. I always get us mixed up 'cause we're both so ballin'.

So yeah. More of this kind of waffle, in A-Team fandom form, coming your way! Radness.
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Uh oh...
It's been about a year in The A-Team fandom, and... er... I think I'm losing my muse.


I'm gonna try to get it back and finish my current WIP prompts (Concessions OMG!), and I'm definitely filling the Secret Santa prompt, but... I'm just... lacking passion for this fandom. Oh dear. OH DEAR!

I'm sure I will get back into it, at which point you can all expect to be flooded with belated reviews as I catch up on stories. :P Until then, travel well, Godspeed and all that. (overly-flamboyant farewell hand gesture)

FIC: Free Form (A-Team movieverse, G)
Title: Free Form
Rating: G
Fandom: A-Team movieverse
Genre: Humour
Warnings: Pure fluff, don't look for a plot
Summary: Murdock experiments and Face tries to be sneaky.

Free Form (1/1)Collapse )

... to prove to dad that I'm not a fool...

I'm gonna be a bit quiet on LJ for a bit. Back to Uni this week and with fulltime work, plus editing a friend's book on the side, I'm a bit pressed for time. Sadface. I shall pop in and out (haw haw haw... sounds sexual...) of the A-Team Kink Meme but probably won't be able to fill anything until things settle down. Be back asap because this is fuuuun... (never letting the fandom die)

Anyway, carry on, have fun, happy weekends etc. :)

xo Me

FIC: Indiscretions (H/F, humour, fluff)
Title: Indiscretions
Fandom: A-Team movieverse
Genre: Humour, fluff
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slash (Hannibal/Face), language, sex references
Summary: Face talks to Murdock about everything. EVERYTHING.

Indiscretions (1/1)Collapse )

FIC: Emblems (H/F, angst)
Title: Emblems
Fandom: A-Team movieverse
Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort
Warnings: Slash (Hannibal/Face pairing), language, injuries
Summary: Face doesn't feel like a Ranger anymore. He doesn't think he should look like one either.

Emblems (1/1)Collapse )

FIC: Momma B (movieverse, gen, groupfic)
Title: Momma B
Fandom: A-Team movieverse
Genre: Family/friendship, fluff
Rating: G
Summary: The movieverse A-Team meets BA's mother for the first time.

Momma B (1/1)Collapse )